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The trimesh docker images are configured to use the LLVMpipe software rasterizer and XVFB. Who knew LLVM also solved rasterization, somehow? The advantage of not using a GPU is so you can use it in "normal" cheap cloud instances (i.e. DigitalOcean). It also is WAY easier than configuring a GPU to be usable in a container (CUDA, EGL, etc).

This example will render a PNG of a sphere, probably.

# in this directory build the image with a tag
docker build . -t renderworker

# run the container we just built
# the -v will mount the current directory
# as /output inside the container
docker run -v `pwd`:/output renderworker

It should print a bunch of log messages, and something like rendered bytes: 49803. If you ctl-c to exit the container, you should now see a PNG in the current directory:

mikedh@orbital:dockerRender$ ls
Dockerfile  render.png  render.supervisor.conf

It's a sphere!

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