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Dependencies and Development Installation

 composer install
 npm install

Copy .env.example to .env and fill in an app key.

php artisan key:generate

Fill in a YouTube key (manually, after creating it with Google).

Run the feature and unit tests with php:


Run the Vue tests:

 npm run jstest

Serve the App Locally

 npm run dev
 php artisan serve

Building PHP Locally for Development

Linux (Ubuntu 16)

Using phpbrew:

 phpbrew install 7.2.10 +dbs +default +hash +filter

OS X 10.14

 phpbrew install 7.2.17 +dbs +default +hash +filter +bz2="$(brew --prefix bzip2)" +zlib="$(brew --prefix zlib)"

You may have to actually install bzip2 and zlib, not to mention libpq and anything else it complains is missing.

 # Install php-version on OS X
 brew tap wilmoore/formulae
 brew install php-version

Modify your bash script accordingly to load php 7 on a new shell (see output of php-version installation).

phpbrew Build Notes

You don't have to build php using a version manager; you can install PHP using your system. I'm used to doing things with RVM and wanted to prepare to use other versions of PHP on my system concurrently.

Don't use php-build. That project doesn't support building PHP extensions (easily) into its PHP builds. Use phpbrew.

I added executable permissions to phpbrew. I did call phpbrew init. I had to copy the phpbrew executable into ~/.phpbrew/bin manually after calling init. I added the bin directory to my PATH. I do not source the phpbrew bashrc file.

Here is the command I use to build PHP 7.2.x with the required dependecies. I use the phpbrew "default" variant, plus "hash" and "filter". These make a PHP that complies with the Laravel server requirements. To support PostgreSQL, I use the "dbs" variant. The PHP I build also supports sqlite with the aforementioned variants in place.

 phpbrew install 7.2.10 +dbs +default +hash +filter

That takes about twelve minutes.

Tech used.

- Laravel 5.7.8
- Vue 2.5.17
- Webpack 4.30


bg1.jpg background photo used from Pixabay user sspiehs3 (CC0 license).


PHP 7.2 Laravel app to calculate enthusiasm for any given YouTube video.




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