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;;; Uncomment the modules you'd like to use and restart Prelude afterwards
;; Emacs IRC client
;;(require 'prelude-erc)
(require 'prelude-ido) ;; Super charges Emacs completion for C-x C-f and more
(require 'prelude-helm) ;; Interface for narrowing and search
(require 'prelude-helm-everywhere) ;; Enable Helm everywhere
(require 'prelude-company)
;; (require 'prelude-key-chord) ;; Binds useful features to key combinations
;; (require 'prelude-mediawiki)
(require 'prelude-evil)
;;; Programming languages support
;;(require 'prelude-c)
;; (require 'prelude-clojure)
;;(require 'prelude-coffee)
;;(require 'prelude-common-lisp)
(require 'prelude-css)
(require 'prelude-emacs-lisp)
;; (require 'prelude-erlang)
;; (require 'prelude-elixir)
;;(require 'prelude-haskell)
(require 'prelude-js)
;; (require 'prelude-latex)
(require 'prelude-lisp)
;; (require 'prelude-ocaml)
(require 'prelude-org) ;; Org-mode helps you keep TODO lists, notes and more
;;(require 'prelude-perl)
(require 'prelude-python)
;;(require 'prelude-ruby)
(require 'prelude-scala)
;;(require 'prelude-scheme)
(require 'prelude-shell)
;; (require 'prelude-scss)
(require 'prelude-web) ;; Emacs mode for web templates
(require 'prelude-xml)
(require 'prelude-yaml)