Playing with the Web Audio API
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M o n o s y n t h

Playing with Haxe, Flambe, and the Web-Audio APIs

##What? A (fairly) simple monosynth experiment for your browser.

##Presets There are a few presets, but there's no UI for selecting them at the moment... use the arrow-keys to cycle through them. All other key-controls are listed below.

##MIDI If you have a MIDI keyboard connected, there is now some basic WebMidi support for noteon/noteoff/pitchbend (responds to any/all devices and channels...)

##Browser Support Currently only works in Chrome. You might get some odd sounds in Firefox, or nothing at all.

##Audio routing OSC0 + OSC1 [Phase Delay] ==> ADSR ==> Distortion [WaveShaper + Crusher] ==> Filter [BiQuad + Env] ==> FeedbackDelay [Mix + Feedback + LPF] ==> Output Gain


  • Up / Down arrows - Cycle through presets
  • Left / Right arrows - Shift keyboard octave
  • F - Full-screen
  • F1 - Dump current settings to console
  • F2 - Randomise all settings
  • F3 - Reset
  • Others - Play the synth keyboard!

##Play Here!