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Taxis is a simple Rails 3 plugin that will give you a taxonomy structure for your rails application. It was written with the intent of providing a category tree for e-commerce solutions. It is in early development right now so please feel free to submit issues and provide any feedback.


gem install taxis

rails g taxis:install


Taxis provides a very simple interface for administrating the taxonomy. This interface uses the jsTree javascript library, which is a plugin for jQuery. As such, the taxis:install generator installs the jquery-rails gem which removes the prototype framework from your application. If this is not desired, use the --skip-jquery option when you run the generator. The gem also depends on:

  • stringex
  • nested_set


Taxis is heavily based off the taxonomy system originally written by Sonny Cook as currently implemented in Spree (http://spreecommerce.com/). While much of the views are the same, the admin controllers and models have been written from the ground up to isolate functionality only needed for the gem.


Fork, modify, send me a pull request