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This project was inspired by the side-menu functionality seen in the Facebook iOS app. MFSideMenu utilizes view controller containment and gives you a simple API for implementing side-menu functionality. It integrates with storyboard-based apps as well as traditional setups.




  • Universal device support (iPhone + iPad)
  • Universal orientation support (Portrait + Landscape)
  • Menus on the left and right side of the screen.
  • Storyboard support
  • View controller containment
  • Works with UINavigationController, UITabBarController, and other types of view controllers
  • Nice set of configuration options
  • Lightweight, simple and readable code.


####CocoaPods Add pod 'MFSideMenu' to your Podfile.

####Manually Add the MFSideMenu folder to your project. Add QuartzCore to your project. MFSideMenu uses ARC. If you have a project that doesn't use ARC, just add the -fobjc-arc compiler flag to the MFSideMenu files.


###Basic Setup

In your app delegate:

#import "MFSideMenu.h"

MFSideMenuContainerViewController *container = [MFSideMenuContainerViewController
self.window.rootViewController = container;
[self.window makeKeyAndVisible];

###Opening & Closing Menus

// toggle the left side menu
[self.menuContainerViewController toggleLeftSideMenuCompletion:^{}];
// toggle the right side menu
[self.menuContainerViewController toggleRightSideMenuCompletion:^{}];
// close the side menu
[self.menuContainerViewController setMenuState:MFSideMenuStateClosed completion:^{}];
// open the left side menu
[self.menuContainerViewController setMenuState:MFSideMenuStateLeftMenuOpen completion:^{}];
// open the right side menu
[self.menuContainerViewController setMenuState:MFSideMenuStateRightMenuOpen completion:^{}];

###Pan Modes

You can specify which areas you want to allow pan gestures on:

// enable panning on the center view controllers & the side menus (this is the default behavior):
menuContainerViewController.panMode = MFSideMenuPanModeCenterViewController | MFSideMenuPanModeSideMenu;

// disable panning on the side menus, only allow panning on the center view controller:
menuContainerViewController.panMode = MFSideMenuPanModeCenterViewController;

// disable all panning
menuContainerViewController.panMode = MFSideMenuPanModeNone;

###Panning Custom Views

You can add panning to any view like so:

[panView addGestureRecognizer:[self.menuContainerViewController panGestureRecognizer]];

###Listening for Menu Events

You can listen for menu state event changes (i.e. menu will open, menu did open, etc.). See MFSideMenuContainerViewController.h for the different types of events.

[[NSNotificationCenter defaultCenter] addObserver:self
- (void)menuStateEventOccurred:(NSNotification *)notification {
    MFSideMenuStateEvent event = [[[notification userInfo] objectForKey:@"eventType"] intValue];
    MFSideMenuContainerViewController *containerViewController = notification.object;
    // ...

###Menu Slide Animation

With this option enabled, the side menus will slide in & out with the center view controller. This effect is similar to the Wunderlist side menu.

// enable the menu slide animation
[menuContainerViewController setMenuSlideAnimationEnabled:YES];

// control the exaggeration of the menu slide animation
[menuContainerViewController setMenuSlideAnimationFactor:3.0f];


MFSideMenu gives you the option to show a shadow between the center view controller & the side menus.

// enable/disable the shadow
[menuContainerViewController.shadow setEnabled:YES];

// set the radius of the shadow
[menuContainerViewController.shadow setRadius:10.0f];

// set the color of the shadow
[menuContainerViewController.shadow setColor:[UIColor blackColor]];

// set the opacity of the shadow
[menuContainerViewController.shadow setOpacity:0.75f];




Facebook-like side menu for iOS




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