Imports Windows Server Registry files and exports out IMAIL logins and plain text passwords. for export/migrations
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#This perl code eats a Windows Registry File (2000 / 2003 server?), looks #for IMAIL users and passwords.. and spits out plain text passwords. Once #upon a time (2004) I had to move thousands of people from a few dozen IMAIL #servers on MS-Server 2000 and 2003. Easily the worst email product I'd #seen in a while from a stability and scaling perspective. It's a decent #small office system, it's not something you run an ISP with. What I #discovered was that IMAIL stored the users info in the Server's registry.. #with pseudo-encryption. Look up 'Schneiers Law'

#This was the first step of moving these people to a serious Courier-MTA based mail server on Linux. #I'm posting this on GitGub because I still get requests for this from people... #It's 2014 and there are still IMAIL servers? #I don't know if this works on the newer versions. I hope not. #License: Egoware - if you use this to kill an IMAIL server and like it. Send me a thank you. #Otherwise consider this public domain.