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Updated to remove npm unavailibility mention

- I had added the project to npm to reserve the name. Besides, the release is soon enough.
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@@ -16,16 +16,9 @@ Current support includes:
While the current focus of the project is Object-Oriented design, it is likely
that ease.js will expand to other paradigms in the future.
-**This project is still under development. Please read the manual for more
+**This project is under active development. Please see the manual for more
-**Release/npm Note:** The first release of ease.js (and subsequently,
-availability on npm) will come once the features are solidified and committed
-to. This is to ensure adoption is not stifled by design alterations. Version
-0.1.0 release is near; please see the
-[v0.1.0 roadmap]( for
-out-standing issues.
## Full Documentation
Full documentation is available at the following URL:
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