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Removed unit test refactoring mention from README.todo

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@@ -13,29 +13,6 @@ resulted in a tightly coupled system that was difficult to maintain, add to and
test. Refactoring into prototypes is ongoing.
-The unit tests are currently split between a few different formats, depending on
-filename and test construction.
-- Tests created during the beginning of the project have a test-* prefix. These
- are more likely to represent integration or system tests rather than unit
- tests. They should be converted to files with a *Test.js suffix and be
- refactored to test only the unit.
-- Newer tests use require( 'common' ).testCase() in order to run the tests. The
- older format separates tests with self-executing functions. The former should
- be used.
-When running the tests, you will notice that the older tests output nothing
-whereas the newer tests output the status of each test in addition to a summary
-at the end of the test case. Ultimately, a test runner will defer final
-statistics until the end of all running tests. The Makefile will need to be
-modified. This sacrifices the ability to use -jN with the tests, but will
-ultimately speed up the tests by eliminating the need to run a separate process
-for each test case (the performance benefit can be seen by running the tests in
-the browser).
Performance tests need to be written for every aspect of the system. They will
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