Helper widget to render Socrata location data on a Google Map.
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socrata-googlemaps.js (v1.0)

This library allows developers to embed google map with a simple interface to view features directly from Socrata tables

Note that the Socrata table being used must have a location field in order for this library to work or a latitude/longitude columns.


Getting Started

  1. Add js and css to your site:

    <!-- needed with the library -->
    <script src="" integrity="sha256-aaODHAgvwQW1bFOGXMeX+pC4PZIPsvn2h1sArYOhgXQ=" crossorigin="anonymous"></script>
    <script src=''></script>
    <link rel="stylesheet" href="./resources/css/socrata-googlemaps.css" />
    <script src="./resources/js/socrata-googlemaps.js"></script>
  2. Create the map and load the data

    sgm = new SocrataGoogleMaps({
                baseUrl: '',
                table: '6yvf-kk3n',
                formatData: false,
                zoom: 2,
                latitude: 'location.coordinates[1]',
                longitude: 'location.coordinates[0]',
                center: {
                    lat: 26.273714,
                    lng: -3.339844
                enableDirections: false,
                tplInfowindow: '<b>Earthquake Id: {%=o.earthquake_id%}</b><br>{% if(o.region) { %} Region: {%=o.region%}<br>{% } %}{% if(o.depth) { %} Depth: {%=o.depth%}<br> {% } %}{% if(o.magnitude) { %} Magnitude: {%=o.magnitude%}<br> {% } %}{% if(o.source) { %} Source: {%=o.source%} {% } %}', 
                tplDirections: '{% if(o.location && o.location.coordinates && o.location.coordinates[0] && o.location.coordinates[1]) { %}{%=o.location.coordinates[1]%}, {%=o.location.coordinates[1]%}{% } %}',
                tplListing: '{%=o.region%}<br>{% if(o.depth) { %} Depth: {%=o.depth%}&nbsp;{% } %}{% if(o.magnitude) { %} Magnitude: {%=o.magnitude%}<br>{% } %}'
                $order: 'region'
            }, function(el) {
                console.log("done", sgm.getRecords().length);


The stylesheet can be easily modified to add needed changes. The namespace is .sgm-... see the resources/css/socrata-googlemaps.css for more details on classes.


  • baseUrl (required) - This is the url to the Socrata server. ie.
  • table (required) - This is the 4x4 socrata table id.
  • tplInfowindow - You will need to define your tpl that you will want to see when you click on a marker on the map. The text here will be rendered inside the popup info window. See Template Engine below for details on how to use define this value.
  • enableListings - This flag is used to render the listings portion of the component. Defaults to true.
  • enalbleDirections - This flag is used to render the directions routing feature of the component. Defaults to true.
  • center - Object of lat/lng that will be the starting point of the map. Defaults to: { lat: 39.4, lng: -104.9 }
  • zoom - The zoom level the map will start on. Defaults to 10.
  • clickZoom - Zoom level the map will zoom too when the icon or row is selected. Defaults to 15.

  • tplListing - It will define the data format in the listing section. See Template Engine below for details on how to use define this value.

  • tplDirections - You will need to define your tpl, to show the data format to be used in the Source/Destination address to get direction. See Template Engine below for details on how to use define this value.
  • formatData - If the database contains any data to be parsed then "formatData" is used.


  • constructor( { properties } ) - Returns pointer to the instance.
  • render( divId ) - This is the html <div id="sgm" class="sgm"></div> tag that would be use to render the component.
  • load( options, callback ) - This will make a request to the Socrata table and load the information.
  • getRecords() - Returns the records that where returned from the Socrata table


  • load - Event on the map load. Returns the filtered data set used in the map.
  • locationSelected - Event on selecting a location. Returns the selected location data and list of all the locations.


Template Engine

This library makes use of the "JavaScript-Templates" engine

License MIT