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A simple tool for stress testing HTTP endpoints.
websresser -uri=http://myserver/myendpoint
-?, -h, --help
-u, --uri=VALUE REQUIRED: The URI you want to call
-m, --method=VALUE The HTTP method. Default is GET
-q, --querystring=VALUE The data to be passed. Default is empty
-i, --iterations=VALUE Number of iterations to run, default is 1
-t, --interval=VALUE Iterval between each call in milliseconds, default is 10000
-p, --postdata=VALUE Path to file containing post data
-r, --responses Print responses
-k, --keepalive KeepAlive header value (true or false), default is true
-a, --accept=VALUE Accept header value, default is 'text/xml'
-c, --contenttype=VALUE ContentType header value, default is 'text/xml;charset="utf-8"'
-z, --timeout=VALUE Timeout in milliseconds, default is 10000
-H[=VALUE1:VALUE2] Add a header to the request. e.g: -HMyHeader=MyValue
C:\Source\WebStresser\src\WebStresser\bin\Debug>webstresser -u=http://mike-2008r2:8123/proxy
-m=POST -i=100 -t=10 -p=postdata.txt