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Interactive music theory dashboard for guitarists.
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Guitar Dashboard

An interactive music theory dashboard for guitarists.

The aim is to provide a graphical representation of music theory elements (scales, modes, chords etc) mapped to a guitar fretboard.

Developing with VS Code

Guitar Dashboard is written in Typescript using VS Code. Make all code changes in the src/*.ts files. Compilation outputs to the docs folder, do not edit the *.js or * files in this directory. They are included in the source repository because the website is hosted in GitHub pages which does not support Typescript compilation.

  1. Clone or fork-and-clone this repository.
  2. File -> Open folder at the root directory of the cloned repository.
  3. To develop locally using lite-server:
    • npm install
    • npm start
  4. Browse to http://localhost:10001/
  5. Edit the src/*.ts, index.html and gtr-cof.css files.
  6. Commit, push to GitHub and create a pull request :)
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