Twitter based social picture booth for Raspberry Pi.
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Twitter based social picture device for Raspberry Pi.



Socsnap is currently only released as source code, so you'll have to build it yourself.

First, install dependencies:

sudo apt-get install liboauth-dev
sudo apt-get install libcurl-dev
sudo apt=get install ncurses-dev

Socsnap uses the excellent ZeroMQ messaging library internally. There's no prebuilt binary for this on Raspbery Pi, so you have to build it yourself:

tar -zxvf zeromq-3.2.3.tar.gz
cd zeromq-3.2.3
make install

Get the source code for SocSnap by cloning this repository (you'll need to have git installed to do this):

sudo apt-get install git
git clone

Edit the twitter.h file with your keys:


Compile and run socsnap:

cd socsnap_pi
cd bin


If you want your Raspbery Pi to behave like a kiosk device (so it launches socsnap on startup) edit your /etc/inittab and replace

1:2345:respawn:/sbin/getty 38400 tty1


1:2345:respawn:<dir of socsnap>/socsnap

###Creating Splash Screens

SocSnap shows graphical splash screens as it operates. They are located in the grahics directory. You can edit the png files and then create new 'raw' files with the following command:

avconv -vcodec png -i splash_main.png -vcodec rawvideo -f rawvideo -pix_fmt rgb565 splash_main.raw