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Suteki Shop is an eCommerce application. The orginal aim is to write a site for a fashion retail business. It includes a product catalogue, shopping cart and order processing.

Email Mike Hadlow,, with any problems or suggestions.

It's based on the following technologies:

.NET 4.0
MVC Contrib
Windsor IoC Container

Built using TDD with the following tools:
Rhino Mocks

The first commercial customer of Suteki Shop is Jump the Gun, a 'Mod' fashion retailer based in Brighton, UK:

Berin Iwlew has built a very cool site using Suteki Shop, Vladimir Arts:

Utlity Great Britain also use Suteki Shop. A very nice design by @thetalldesigner

The main author is Mike Hadlow. His blog can be found here:, and here are some Suteki Shop related posts

The suteki shop discussion group is here:

How to Install Suteki Shop
Download this zip file:

Unzip into a temporary directory and follow the instructions in the Install.txt file.

How to get the project working from the latest source code
You will need Visual Studio 2010 and a SQL Server 2008 instance.

Open the Suteki.Shop\Suteki.Shop.sln file in Visual Studio 2010. You should be able to build the solution.

Create the Database
Check the "SutekiShopConnectionString" in Suteki.Shop\Suteki.Shop.CreateDb?\App.Config, make sure the connection string is pointing at your SQL Server database and has DB Creation rights.

Run the Suteki.Shop.CreateDb? console project, you should see the following output:

connectionString = 'Data Source=localhost;Initial Catalog=SutekiShop;Integrated Security=True'
Creating Database SutekiShop
Inserting Static Data
Successfully Created Database SutekiShop
If necessary, change the "SutekiShopConnectionString?" in Suteki.Shop\Suteki.Shop\Web.config to match your requirements.

Run Suteki Shop
You should now be able to launch the main Suteki.Shop project and have a play with the application.

Optionally you can run the Selenium test suite. See this blog post for details:

You can log in as administrator using email='' password='admin'. The login link is on the bottom right of the home page.

You can then add categories by clicking on the category menu and then 'add category' You can add products by clicking on a category and then add product.

Happy shopping!


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