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Yii API manual plugin for VIM
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Yii API plugin for VIM

This is the API manual for Yii as VIM plugin.


Download the files from here, extract the package and move the docs/ directory to your ~/.vim directory.

Alternatively you can use a plugin manager like Vundle (recommended).

If the help is not available after installation, you can try to issue this command in VIM:

:helptags ~/.vimrc/doc


There's no real configuration required for this plugin. After installing it, you can ask for help on Yii classes like this:

:help CWebUser

If you want to use keyword search (which allows to press <S-k> over any keyword) then you should add this line to your .vimrc:

autocmd BufNewFile,Bufread *.php set keywordprg="help"

Create custom version

The package also contains the Yii command that was used to create the help files. This command requires a copy of Yii somewhere. If you extracted this package to /tmp/yii-api-vim you can create the helpfiles in /tmp/yii-api-vim/doc like this:

git clone /tmp/yii-repo
cd /tmp/yii-repo/build

export YII_CONSOLE_COMMANDS=/tmp/yii-api-vim/yii_commands/
./build vimapi /tmp/yii-api-vim/doc

Again you may have to call :helptags /tmp/yii-api-vim/doc after the above command.

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