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Email Page

Email pages, and keep track of how many times each page was emailed.


$ cd <radiant_app>/vendor/extensions/
$ git clone <email_page_git_url> email_page


Add this to pages that should be emailable:

<a id="email_page_link" href='<r:email_page:url/>'>Email This Page</a>
<div id="email_page_count"><r:email_page:count/></div>

Create a page of type Email with a body part like this:

<r:email_page:form [subject="Recommendation"]>
    <div id="email_page_errors">
      <h4>Please correct the errors below.</h4>
        <r:error on="from"><li>Your email address <r:message /></li></r:error>
        <r:error on="recipients"><li>The recipient email address <r:message /></li></r:error>


  <div class="field<r:error on="from"> error</r:error>">
    <label for="from">From:</label>
    <r:text name="from"/>
  <div class="field<r:error on="recipients"> error</r:error>">
    <label for="recipients">Recipients:</label>
    <r:text name="recipients"/>
  <input type="submit">

Optionally customize the email by adding an email or email_html part to the Email page like this:

<r:from/> enjoyed reading this page <r:page_url/> and thinks you might too.


  • display friendly error message if there is no page of type Email

  • handle finding multiple “Email” type pages



Sponsored by Ignite Social Media LLC - Heavily influenced by Mailer Extension for Radiant (there is probably a way to refactor this extension to make use of it).

See LICENSE for copyright and licensing details.