React Native module for playing, pausing, and stopping sound clips
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React Native module for playing, pausing, and stopping sound clips.

Derived from react-native-sound, which allows multiple sound files to be played at once, but does not offer pause or stop.


npm install react-native-simple-sound --save

In XCode, right click Libraries. Click Add Files to "[Your project]". Navigate to node_modules/react-native-simple-sound. Add the file RNSimpleSound.xcodeproj.

In the project navigator, select your project. Click the build target. Click Build Phases. Expand Link Binary With Libraries. Click the plus button and add libRNSimpleSound.a under Workspace.

Run your project (⌘+R).


var Sound = require('react-native-simple-sound');
Sound.enable(true); // Enable sound
Sound.prepare('tap.aac'); // Preload the sound file 'tap.aac' in the app bundle; // Play the sound 'tap.aac'
Sound.pause(); // Pause the sound; // Resume playing the sound
Sound.stop(); // Stop and reset the sound.


  • Sound.enable(true) must be called before playing any sound.
  • Sound.prepare(...) must be called before playing - preloads a sound file and prepares it for playback.
  • To change sounds, stop() the current sound and call prepare() with the new sound.
  • The module wraps AVAudioPlayer which supports aac, aiff, mp3, wav etc. The full list of supported formats can be found here.
  • The stop() function resets the sound back to the beginning, this is different from the standard behavior of AVAudioPlayer
  • Sound files must be in the bundle (in your app's main folder in Xcode)