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Music making, remixing, and collaborating tools for the web
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April 2019: Check out the Kickstarter!



  • A musical instrument
  • An audio workstation
  • A distribution platform

all in one web app, for open music.

Open music is like open source software:

  • You get the music in "source code format"
  • You're allowed to modify and use the music however you want

That means that with a few taps of your finger, you can remix the music in OpenMusic.Gallery, and use it royalty free.

You can see it in action here:


  • Simple and Advanced Music Editors
  • Public gallery
  • Set keys and scales
  • Set tempo and beats and measures
  • Volume, Pan, Warp, and Shuffle
  • Chord Progressions
  • MIDI control
  • Online Collaboration
  • FX and Master FX
  • Bitcoin Tip Jar
  • Randomizer

#Using the Client: Game Dev Example

##How to:

##When the game is loading:

 <script src=""></script> = new OMusicPlayer()"")
 game.laserSound ="SFX", "laser")

##When the game starts:

##Increase BPM and key when difficulty increases: += 20

##When the laser is fired:

##When the game ends:

Server Installation

(Note: You should have node.js and npm installed.)

This will install PostGres if you don't have it (you should have 9.4 or later):


Run the app:

node main.js

Now browse to http://localhost:8080 and make music!

(8080 is the default port, you can also set environment variable OMG_PORT)


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