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Create a language switcher for your app from the command line
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Create a language switcher for your Laravel 5.5+ app straight from the command line

composer require mikehins/language-switcher

This command will add / remove a language switcher menu item in the main nav bar.

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Be sure to run php artisan make:auth and php artisan migrate before to run the command

To add the language switcher

php artisan switch:add

To revert the changes

php artisan switch:delete

This is what the command switch:add does :

  • Add a default_language field in your users table
  • Add the markup to the layouts/app.blade.php file
  • Add a route in the routes/web.php file
  • Add a Middleware inside app\Http\Middleware
  • Add the middleware to the app\Http\Kernel.php
  • Add a LanguageController in the app\Http\Controllers directory
  • Add a language file to the config directory config/languages.php

When the user switch the language, it will automatically update the default_language field from the users table. The next time the user logs in, the language session will automatically be set by the middleware using the auth()->user()->default_language variable.

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