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Something Fun with Clojure-Script

This repo has the results of our group dojo hack-around as part of the uSwitch Clojure Dojo held on 11/01/2016.

The project is based on a lein template provided by @jarohen. The base project can be regenerated by running lein new bounce-webapp [your-project-name]


To start the project running simply run the following:

    lein dev

This will download the project dependencies, start a repl server on port 7888 and a figwheel server on localhost:3449. The server can be reached on localhost:3000.

You can connect to the running repl by running lein repl ::connect 7888 from the terminal.

Reload everything in the project by running (bounce.core/reload!) from the repl. From here you can connect to a clojure-script repl by running (bounce.figwheel/cljs-repl (bounce.core/ask :cljs-compiler)) from the repl.

Once connected to the clojure-script repl you can run code and see the impact in the browser. Examples are as follows:

  • (swap! (bounce.core/ask :!app) update :my-counter inc) -> Increment the :my-counter value
  • (set! (.-backgroundColor js/ "green") -> Change the page background to :green


There are three components on display as part of this wonderful feat of engineering.

  • Button counter -> simple button to increment a counter on the page.
  • Basic palindrome checker -> Check if the input string is a valid palindrome. Update a result string text & colour based on the result (true/false)
  • Rest thingy -> Send a value to the server and then render the response on the page.