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@@ -19,26 +19,34 @@ This project attempts to do so anyways.
It may or may not provide a "reasonable" result anytime you need to rank a list of friends.
-## How To Use This Code on Heroku
+## Usage
+Once deployed (see deployment notes below) this web service has a single JSONP call of interest at the root URL.
+This returns a hash of FB used IDs to a unitless score. Use the score value to sort your friend
+lists, higher score means a "better" friend.
+The returned hash may not contain entries for all friends, assume a zero value for these friends (worst).
+## How To Deploy To Heroku
The following assumes you have a Heroku account in good standing, and have configured your development environment.
This repository is configured to use Memcachier out of the box. Cacheless/alternative cache deployments are not
supported yet (fork me!).
$ git clone; cd facebook-friend-rank
- Cloning into facebook-friend-rank... done.
$ heroku apps:create facebook-friend-rank --stack cedar --addons memcachier:25
- Creating facebook-friend-rank... done, stack is cedar
- Adding memcachier:25 to facebook-friend-rank... done
- |
- Git remote heroku added
$ git push heroku master
+Then visit your heroku URL, eg. (TODO) and/or
+make calls to the JSONP endpoint (see usage notes above).
-## How To Use This Code Elsewhere
+## How To Deploy Elsewhere
You're on your own here (fork me!).
@@ -47,6 +55,11 @@ You're on your own here (fork me!).
* Sample web app bundled with the web service
+* Ensure all friends have a score in returned results
+* Progressive update, crude results returned quickly with more accurate results being computed against that
+ access token for later use
* Error handling
* Specs

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