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a MongoDB/Solr search connector
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photovoltaic connects MongoDB to a Solr search service. It uses MongoDB's replication internals to automatically update Solr whenever a change is made on the Mongo instance.


Note: because photovoltaic makes use of MongoDB's replication internals, it can only connect to a MongoDB instance that is configured as a replication master.

For every collection you want to index, create a document in Mongo's local.fts.schemas collection containing a "ns" field consisting of the collection's namespace (collection name prefixed with its database) and a "fields" list containing the fields you want to index. The _id field will be indexed automatically.

$ mongo local
>{"ns": "", "fields": ["name", "description"]})
> exit
$ ./
$ mongo test
>{"name": "A name", "description": "This will be indexed."})
>{"description": "So will this"})
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