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This is a Git Branch for building ShairPort from GIT feed, based on jlars. To use this:

  1. Add "src-git mikejuni git://;master" to feeds.conf
  2. Remove the jlars feed (to avoid ShairPort conflict)
  3. scripts/feeds update -a
  4. scripts/feeds install -a

It will install a ShairPort feed that will only need to depend on alsa-lib. libao dependency is eliminated by a ShairPort fork from Skaman (

This package also removes the net and the lang branch which are not useful in OpenWRT.

  • Strongswan4 - Replaced by StrongSwan5
  • Perl - Not required as ShairPort C works well.

If you've issue with compilation, please raise an issue here. If it is an issue with playback, please contact the maintainer of ShairPort.