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An API browser for the hal+json media type
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An API browser for the hal+json media type

Example Usage

Here is an example of a hal+json API using the browser:

About HAL

HAL is a format based on json that establishes conventions for representing links. For example:

    "_links": {
        "self": { "href": "/orders" },
        "next": { "href": "/orders?page=2" }

More detail about HAL can be found at


All you should need to do is copy the files into your webroot. It is OK to put it in a subdirectory; it does not need to be in the root.

All the JS and CSS dependencies come included in the vendor directory.


  • Provide feedback to user when there are issues with response (missing self link, wrong media type identifier)
  • Give 'self' and 'curies' links special treatment
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