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Auto-convert LilyPond snippets in Markdown posts to printed sheet music images
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Jekyll LilyPond Converter

Add lily code blocks to your markdown blog post and automatically convert the code to sheet music using LilyPond.

Installation and Usage

  • Install LilyPond and ensure the lilypond executable is on your $PATH

  • Add this gem to your Jekyll-based static site repository's Gemfile

  • Add lily_images/ to your .gitignore

  • Add the converter to your _config.yml file:

    - jekyll-lilypond-converter
  • (Optional) specify LilyPond image format in _config.yml (default is svg, alternative option is png)

    lilypond-image-format: png
  • Add lily code to a markdown post:

    This is a C major chord:
    \relative {
      <c' e g>
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