Portal = NodeJS(expressjs + socketio) + Sencha ExtJS 4.0
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UPDATE 3/28/2012:
I am no longer maintaining this project.  A lot has changed since node 0.4.10 (including mongoose and express) 
and the organization of the ExtJS 4.0 layout was not up to spec.

Instead, check out ![bang](/mikekunze/bang.js/blob/master/client/img/logo.jpg?raw=true "Bang.js")
Bang.js uses ExtJS 4.1's MVC layout for client side.  It is organized very professionally.  

The backend is setup to use coffeescript and has BDD/TDD testing through the use of vows and callback overrides.

Welcome to PortalStack

PortalStack is a modular, extendable, flexible, and simple web application server.

It consists of Sencha's ExtJS 4.0 for the front end interface, and NodeJS for a secure
back end data router and file server.  MongoDB is the data collection mechanism chosen, due its flexibility
in filtered searching, simple JSON storage, and high availibility.  MySql will store data long term.

All code GPL 3.0, or otherwise noted.

This runs on node 0.4.10.

Technical blog --> http://portalstack.blogspot.com <--

----> ExtJS 4.0 <----
Awesome capabilities:                       http://www.sencha.com/products/extjs/examples/
Awesome API documentation (and interface!): http://docs.sencha.com/ext-js/4-0/ 

MVC, tons of widgets, HTML5 charting, awesome clean component model, cross platform, 
and of course Ext Direct (http://www.sencha.com/products/extjs/extdirect).  Direct allows on demand
loading of server side models, simply by calling its model name.




- Radius style handshaking keeps authentication fresh with Socket.IO.
- Roles as a container for a collection of web apps
- ExtJS 4.0 Direct and RemoteJS dynamically load browser applications without refresh
- Socket.io allows instant feedback and evented workflows
- Mongoose for easy collection creation, manipulation, and removal
- ExpressJS for Jade Templates/Reports
- Basic evented private messages (to show portalstack in action)

- ExtJS applications developed in browser and stored in MongoDB
- Dynamic lists with template/programmable evented workflows
- MySQL storage for archival of data
- Clustered MongoDB & NodeJS routing
- Centralized Systems monitoring with nodejs based client agents
- Calendar, Task, discussion based social project management