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Version bump to 2.0.5

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1 parent 84b21d1 commit e551e8d1ae66288268eefc03fc96b8a0e97a2c59 @mikel committed Jan 24, 2010
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== Sat Jan 23 23:49:50 UTC 2010 Mikel Lindsaar <>
+* Version bump to 2.0.5
* Added :raise_delivery_errors to Mail::Message, if set to false will silently rescue all errors raised by the delivery methods, set to true by default
== Sat Jan 23 23:28:42 UTC 2010 Mikel Lindsaar <>
+* Version bump to 2.0.5
* Added :perform_deliveries to mail, will not actually call deliver on the delivery method if this is set to false, set to true by default.
* Added @delivery_notification_observers to mail messages, you can register an observer with mail by calling mail.register_for_delivery_notification(observer) and then when mail is told to :deliver it will call your observer with observer.delivered_email(self). It will call your observer if it actually performed the delivery or not (that is, irregardless of the :perform_deliveries flag)
* Added ability to overwrite the Mail.deliveries store with an object of your choice instead of just an array, this is a good way to find out if something actually got delivered as if :perform_deliveries is false, this collection will not get the mail message appended

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