lib/VERSION causes conflicts with other gems #566

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The version gem fails to work correctly when mail is installed because you have a file named lib/VERSION which Ruby preferentially attempts to load.

Please be a good Ruby citizen and keep all of your project's files under lib/mail. :)


Many thanks.


This was fixed incorrectly. It moved VERSION out of lib into the gem root. This is a reversion to #71

/VERSION needs to go here => lib/mail/version.rb

If you create a new Gem with bundler you can see the correct way to do a version (and a few other modern standards that a many-years-old gem-like-this may have not gotten hip with yet). Please play nice with all the other people who've decided to create a gem:

~ pboling$ bundle gem mail
      create  mail/Gemfile
      create  mail/Rakefile
      create  mail/LICENSE.txt
      create  mail/
      create  mail/.gitignore
      create  mail/mail.gemspec
      create  mail/lib/mail.rb
      create  mail/lib/mail/version.rb
Initializing git repo in /Users/pboling/mail

As a person who uses gem package managers other than rubygems this matters to me.


I am not sure what else to blame but I am getting seemingly random errors with Mail's auto loading of files with modules are accessed. It has happened several times now.

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