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Fails to parse Gmail's (incorrect) Content-ID headers #663

Peeja opened this Issue · 4 comments

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I'm not sure what the right solution to this is.

When Gmail creates an email with an inline image, it gives it a Content-ID which looks like:

Content-ID: <ii_14403b4fa16783bf>

Now, that's not actually a valid Content-ID, because it's missing an @. Accordingly, Mail refuses to parse it as one. If I parse an email like this with Mail, its inline_image_part.header[:content_id].field is a UnstructuredField, not a ContentIdField.

There's a StackOverflow question with more details.

Should Mail parse a Content-ID like this? In general I'd say follow the spec, but these days Gmail is the spec.

If it shouldn't, what should people do if they need to parse Gmail Content-IDs?


Seeing the same thing. I wonder how other libraries handle this inconsistency.


I found a (partial?) solution:


That will give you what's inside the brackets whether it's a legal Content-ID or not. That covered my use case. Does it cover yours, @carsonreinke? If so, I think we can close this.


@Peeja, yes, that works. Thanks!


Awesome. That seems like it covers the issue, then, so I'll close it.

@Peeja Peeja closed this
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