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Adding support for Rails 3 to prevent override methods getting loaded…

… when ActiveSupport is present
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1 parent 9bfdd80 commit 43e26f0dfdb7a3215a0db1a7b5e6b3c6a5781d86 @mikel committed Sep 4, 2010
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@@ -1,7 +1,7 @@
# If ActiveSupport is loaded, then great - use it. But we don't
# want a dependency on it, so if it's not present, define the few
# extensions that we want to use...
-unless defined? ActiveSupport::CoreExtensions
+unless defined?(ActiveSupport::CoreExtensions) || defined?(ActiveSupport::Inflector)
tadman Nov 8, 2010

This could probably simplify to ActiveSupport since I don't see how you can avoid getting the core extensions in Rails 3.

# These are ActiveSupport-;like extensions to do a few handy things in the gems
# Derived from ActiveSupport, so the AS copyright notice applies:

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