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=== / 2010-02-07
* Fixed stray ruby-debug
* Re indented RChardet, and handled old syntax
=== / 2008-04-11
* Closed #19429 - Installing TMail on Windows with the gem
=== 1.2.3 / 2008-04-11
* Closed #18881 - TMail goes into an endless loop if sent an crafted email
* Closed #19203 - TMail errors in Ruby 1.9.1 on invalid multibyte chars.
* Closed #18814 - Fixed attchment.rb failing on mail part that had a nil content-type
* Closed #18516 - Fix TMail::Mail#preamble, and add #preamble= (Charles Lowe) (233)
* Applied patch #18515 to remove ftools from test case (Charles Lowe) (232)
* A lot of documentation patches to the mail and utils and net files. Also added "log/BugTrackingLog.txt" for myself as my bug log got clobbered by the new changelog.txt format. (231)
=== 1.2.2 / 2008-03-07
* Fixed install bug with gem pacakge (1.2.1 was not compiling on gem install)
* A _LOT_ more documentation...!
* More documentation - (Mikel)
* Applied Ruby 1.9 patches to the library - All tests passing now - (Mikel)
* Closed #17719 - Fixed UNIXMbox code - readonly was not working and raising an exception. Now works.
* Closed #18038 - Multiple froms not being parsed correctly, added a test case to cover this and show the correct handling - (Mikel)
=== 1.2.1 / 2008-01-11
* More documentation (Mikel)
* Added 15 test cases from the Rails ActionMailer to TMail
* Changed mailscanner to tmailscanner (mailscanner is copyrighted)
* Closed Bug - Handled quote boundary being gready on content-type header (M. Mondragon)
* Closed #16025 - Fixed scanner.rb so it passes same tests as scanner.c
* Closed #16283 - Handled incorrect decoding of attachments (M. Aoki - garyo)
* Closed #16899 - HeaderField.new_from_port and added test cases to cover this code (Maarten O.)
* Closed #16900 - UNIXMbox.fromaddr missing port param and does not return Envelope Sender (Maarten O.)
=== 1.2.0 / 2007-11-29
* 5 major enhancements:
* Extensive documentation work. (mikel)
* Renamed scanner_c.c to mailscanner.c. (trans)
* Removed base64 c extension. It's speed benefit was negligable (only 0.2 sec over 10000 sizable encode/decode runs) (trans)
* Closed 15445 - TMail::Mail#create_forward now returns a new Mail object that has the original mail as an encoded 7 bit multipart attachment. Also moved create_forward and create_reply from tmail/net into tmail/interface as it makes more sense to have it there. (mikel)
* Closed 15643 - TMail::Mail#reply_addresses was returning an empty array if reply_to was set to nil (ie, the header field existed but was empty) instead of returning the from address or default. (mikel)
* Closed 16025 - TMail scanner.rb would not parse ATOM chars correctly making it fail tests where the C version passed them. Fixed this by updating the Scanner.rb version to be in step with the C version (there was an extra @ symbol in the ATOM CHARS definition that was not in the C version.) (mikel)
* Fixed scanner.rb so that it would pass the same tests that the C version does - had a sundry @ symbol inside of the ATOM CHARS
* 3 minor enhancements:
* Renamed scanner_c.c to tmailscanner.c (trans)
* Changed TMail::Mail#sender to have a default "default" value of nil to be in alignment with all the other interface methods (mikel)
* Made base64_decode and base64_encode into ! versions as they are destructive on the mail body (encodes the body to base64 or decodes it), made aliases for base64_decode and base64_encode to point back to the bang versions. Doing this with a view to change base64_encode to a non destructive version (returns the encoded body) in future versions. (mikel)
=== 1.1.1 / 2007-11-05
* 3 major enhancement:
* Created unified package, for installation in any platform.
* Added require_arch.rb to facilitate multi-platform support.
* If compilation fails, set NORUBYEXT="true" and reinstall.
* 3 minor enhancement:
* Fixed line wrapping of long header fields so that they wrap at the correct whitespace points.
* Fixed bug where re-assigning the mail.body to existing mail object that already had a parsed body would not re-parse the body.
* Started documenting the source code... lots more to do.
=== 1.1.0 / 2007-10-28
* 1 minor enhancements:
* Changed the quoting of paramaters in the header fields to wrap double quotes around fields that are needed to be quoted.
* Removed keeping double quotes around a filename that does not need double quotes per RFC 1521
* More clean up and getting tests passing. Now standing at 2 failures out of 3366 assertions. One is the incorrect handling of "@" (returns and the other is a japanese encoding issue.
=== 1.0.0 / 2007-10-28
* 1 major enhancement:
* TMail is now released as a GEM!
* 2 minor enhancements:
* Fixed bug 15077 - TMail now recognizes attachments as soon as they are added to the body.
* Refactored handling of quotations in header fields - now cleaner