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== TODO List
* NORUBYEXT should probbly be renamed to TMAIL_NORUBYEXT or something to that effect.
This is the original list left over from the 2004 version.
Please refer to the website ( for the current TODO list.
* RFC2231 decode
* delete File*Stream
* simplify field.rb
* allow raw JIS string in quoted word
* unify character encoding of japanese strings in header
* Loader -> Mailbox
* RFC2231 encode
* allow illegal MIME param value encoding (key="=?iso-2022-jp?B?....")
* purpose-oriented policy switching
* rewrite samples.
* address/address-group common handling scheme
* correct handling of Content-Type: message/*
* methods for mail creation, replying, forwarding
* tmail/net
* mail thread generator
=== Bugs
* mails may be deleted if other precesses are touching mailbox.
* mails may be corrupted if other precesses are touching mailbox.
* not thread safe