OSv-enabled applications for MIKELANGELO use cases
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justinc1 osu-micro-benchmarks: fix ./configure error
./configure compiles test binary with -lmpi and then tries to run it.
Hence we also need to provide correct libmpi.so via LD_LIBRARY_PATH.

Change-Id: Ic0957b66abd35ed30a39fff05e030bf0f024e13b
Signed-off-by: Justin Cinkelj <justin.cinkelj@xlab.si>
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MIKELANGELO Applications for OSv

To use the repository, you have to clone it first on your machine.

Then, you must edit the repositories section of the $OSV_HOME/config.json file, for example

    "repositories": [

Make sure that existing repositories are preserved in case you would like to use applications and modules from those repositories.

To build OSv images integrating applications from the Mikelangelo apps repository use

make image=OpenFOAM

You can still include other modules and applications. The following will build an OSv image and include the OpenFOAM application and the HTTP REST server providing OSv API layer.

make image=OpenFOAM,httpserver


This project has been conducted within the RIA MIKELANGELO project (no. 645402), started in January 2015, and co-funded by the European Commission under the H2020-ICT- 07-2014: Advanced Cloud Infrastructures and Services programme.