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Snap collector plugin - libvirt

  1. Getting Started
  1. Documentation
  1. Community Support
  2. Contributing
  3. License
  4. Acknowledgements

Getting Started

System Requirements

Linux/*BSD system with libvirt installed


Install libvirt and libvirt-dev package

For MacOS

brew install libvirt

For Ubuntu > 14.04

apt-get install libvirt-bin libvirt-dev

For Fedora >= 21 / CentOS >= 7 / RedHat >= 7

yum install libvirt libvirt-devel

Download the plugin binary:

You can get the pre-built binaries for your OS and architecture from the plugin's GitHub Releases page. Download the plugin from the latest release and load it into snapteld (/opt/snap/plugins is the default location for Snap packages).

To build the plugin binary:

Fork Clone repo into $GOPATH/src/

$ git clone<yourGithubID>/snap-plugin-collector-libvirt.git

Build the Snap libvirt plugin by running make within the cloned repo:

$ make

This builds the plugin in ./build/



For quick plugin test using simple VM, you can go through steps below:

  1. Install QEMU and libvirt:
sudo apt install qemu-kvm libvirt-bin virtinst qemu-system
  1. Download Ubuntu cloud image:
  1. Create VM:
virt-install --name=test_vm --arch=x86_64 --vcpus=1 --ram=512 --os-type=linux --hvm --connect=qemu:///system --network bridge:br0 --disk path=xenial-server-cloudimg-amd64-disk1.img,size=20 --boot hd --accelerate --vnc --noautoconsole --keymap=es
  1. Load Snap libvirt collector plugin and create task:
snaptel plugin load snap-plugin-collector-libvirt
snaptel task create -t task-example.yaml
  1. Check task output:
snaptel task list
snaptel task watch <Task ID>
  1. Remove test VM:
virsh destroy test_vm
virsh undefine test_vm

By default the plugin is using qemu:///system uri. To monitor external systems, you can pass the uri parameter to the snapteld deamon configuration. An example configuration file can be found in example directory.

Collected Metrics

This plugin has the ability to gather the following metrics:

Namespace Data Type Description
/intel/libvirt/{domain_name}/disk/{device_name}/wrreq int64 Write Requests
/intel/libvirt/{domain_name}/disk/{device_name}/rdreq int64 Read Requests
/intel/libvirt/{domain_name}/disk/{device_name}/wrbytes int64 Write Bytes
/intel/libvirt/{domain_name}/disk/{device_name}/rdbytes int64 Read Bytes
/intel/libvirt/{domain_name}/memory/mem int64 Amount of memory specified on domain creation
/intel/libvirt/{domain_name}/memory/swap_in int64 Amount of memory swapped in
/intel/libvirt/{domain_name}/memory/swap_out int64 Amount of memory swapped out
/intel/libvirt/{domain_name}/memory/major_fault int64 Number of major faults
/intel/libvirt/{domain_name}/memory/min_fault int64 Number of minor faults
/intel/libvirt/{domain_name}/memory/max int64 Total amount of memory
/intel/libvirt/{domain_name}/memory/unused int64 Amount of memory left unused by the system
/intel/libvirt/{domain_name}/memory/available int64 Amount of usable memory
/intel/libvirt/{domain_name}/memory/actual_balloon int64 Current balloon value
/intel/libvirt/{domain_name}/memory/rss int64 Resident Set Size of the process running the domain
/intel/libvirt/{domain_name}/memory/nr int64 Number of statistics supported by the interface
/intel/libvirt/{domain_name}/cpu/cputime int64 Cputime ( all vcpus )
/intel/libvirt/{domain_name}/cpu/cputime/{vcpu_nr} int64 Cputime for one vcpu (not supported on qemu without kvm)
/intel/libvirt/{domain_name}/network/{interface_name}/rxbytes int64 Bytes received
/intel/libvirt/{domain_name}/network/{interface_name}/rxpackets int64 Packets received
/intel/libvirt/{domain_name}/network/{interface_name}/rxerrs int64 Errors on receive
/intel/libvirt/{domain_name}/network/{interface_name}/rxdrop int64 Drops on receive
/intel/libvirt/{domain_name}/network/{interface_name}/txbytes int64 Bytes transmitted
/intel/libvirt/{domain_name}/network/{interface_name}/txpackets int64 Packets transmitted
/intel/libvirt/{domain_name}/network/{interface_name}/txerrs int64 Errors on transmit
/intel/libvirt/{domain_name}/network/{interface_name}/txdrop int64 Drops on transmit

IMPORTANT: not all hypervisors expose all these metrics. Please check your hypervisor or libvirt documentation.


As we launch this plugin, we do not have any outstanding requirements for the next release. If you have a feature request, please add it as an issue.

If you have a feature request, please add it as an issue and/or submit a pull request.

Community Support

This repository is one of many plugins in Snap, a powerful telemetry framework. See the full project at

To reach out to other users, head to the main framework.


We love contributions!

There's more than one way to give back, from examples to blogs to code updates. See our recommended process in


Snap, along with this plugin, is an Open Source software released under the Apache 2.0 License.


This is Open Source software released under the Apache 2.0 License. Please see the LICENSE file for full license details.

This software has been contributed by MIKELANGELO, a Horizon 2020 project co-funded by the European Union.

Thank You

And thank you! Your contribution, through code and participation, is incredibly important to us.