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Snap Collector Plugin - OpenFOAM

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  1. Getting Started
  1. Documentation
  1. Community Support
  2. Contributing
  3. License
  4. Acknowledgements

Getting Started

System Requirements

OpenFOAM instance with log file hosted by http server .

Download the plugin binary:

You can get the pre-built binaries for your OS and architecture from the plugin's GitHub Releases page.

Compile plugin


Configuration and Usage

This plugin requires these config values to be set (examples are given):

  • webServerIP (ex. "")
  • webServerPort (ex. 8000)
  • webServerFilePath (ex. "run.log")
  • timeOut (ex. 2)



Example of running snap OpenFOAM collector and writing data to file.

Ensure snap daemon is running:

  • initd: sudo service snap-telemetry start
  • systemd: sudo systemctl start snap-telemetry
  • command line: sudo snapteld -l 1 -t 0 &

Download and load snap plugins:

$ wget
$ wget
$ snaptel plugin load snap-plugin-collector-openfoam
$ snaptel plugin load snap-plugin-publisher-file

See available metrics for your system.

$ snaptel metric list

Create a task JSON file:

                    "timeOut": 2

Alternatively use provided example manifest: Change ip address and port of openfoam host in task manifest:

vim example/openfoam-file-example.json

Create task:

$ snaptel task create -t example/openfoam-file-example.json
Using task manifest to create task
Task created
ID: 02dd7ff4-8106-47e9-8b86-70067cd0a850
Name: Task-02dd7ff4-8106-47e9-8b86-70067cd0a850
State: Running

Collected Metrics

This plugin has the ability to gather the following metrics:

Namespace Data Type
/intel/openfoam/k/initial float64
/intel/openfoam/k/final float64
/intel/openfoam/p/initial float64
/intel/openfoam/p/final float64
/intel/openfoam/Ux/initial float64
/intel/openfoam/Ux/final float64
/intel/openfoam/Uy/initial float64
/intel/openfoam/Uy/final float64
/intel/openfoam/Uz/initial float64
/intel/openfoam/Uz/final float64
/intel/openfoam/omega/initial float64
/intel/openfoam/omega/final float64


As we launch this plugin, we do not have any outstanding requirements for the next release. If you have a feature request, please add it as an issue.

If you have a feature request, please add it as an issue and/or submit a pull request.

Community Support

This repository is one of many plugins in snap, a powerful telemetry framework. See the full project at To reach out to other users, head to the main framework.


We love contributions!

There's more than one way to give back, from examples to blogs to code updates. See our recommended process in And thank you! Your contribution, through code and participation, is incredibly important to us.


snap, along with this plugin, is an Open Source software released under the Apache 2.0 License.


This is Open Source software released under the Apache 2.0 License. Please see the LICENSE file for full license details.

This software has been contributed by MIKELANGELO, a Horizon 2020 project co-funded by the European Union.


Collects OpenFOAM performance metrics




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