A Ruby library for interacting with system MIDI services.
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= MIDIator

A nice Ruby interface to your system's MIDI services.

== Authors

* Ben Bleything -- ben@bleything.net
* Topher Cyll -- http://www.cyll.org

== General Information

MIDIator was inspired by Topher Cyll's fantastic Practical Ruby Projects book.
In it, Topher describes how to interact with the MIDI providers in OSX, Linux,
and Windows.  As I was reading the book, I noticed some things I would do
differently, which got me thinking that maybe it would be valuable to package
up my modifications to the book's code and release it as a gem.

== Features

* Cross-platform system for MIDI output
* Built-in softsynth (OS X only, so far)

== Credits

Huge, huge credit goes to Topher Cyll, without whom I would have had to figure
all of this crap out for myself.  Apress also deserves some credit; they
released all the source in their book under the MIT license.  That's a big
deal and you should buy their books.

Props also go to the folks who have contributed patches.  In alphabetical

* Giles Bowkett -- gilesb@gmail.com
* Adam Murray -- adam@compusition.com
* Xavier Shay -- http://rhnh.net
* Jeremy Voorhis -- jvoorhis@gmail.com

== License

Distributed under the terms of the MIT license.  See the LICENSE file for
complete text and details.

Portions of the code are excerpted from Topher Cyll's Practical Ruby Projects.
That code is also released under the MIT license.  See the LICENSE.prp file
for complete text and details.