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baxboard - a midi controller
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baxboard - a midi controller


Created by Mikel Duke


Released under GPLv2

This program is used in the Baxboard, a Midi Controller containing an Arduino Nano, 4 Adafruit Trellis button boards, 4 pots, 4 momentary switches, a joystick, an I2C LCD, and a Midi plug.

Compiles with 1.0.5 of the Arduino IDE


The Midi out should go to a 5pin MIDI connector, pinout can be found in the Arduino Midi Guide for Midi Out.

The buttons are 4 Adafruit Trellis boards with leds using the 70, 71, 72, and 73 addresses. Rearrange the addresses in the Trellis.begin call as needed.

The LCD is an I2C LCD. I used a Sainsmart brand, but others could also be used. The pin numbers for others may need to be changed.


Additional Libraries Used

LiquidCrystal I2C - Adafruit Trellis -


A0 - Joystick A1 - Joystick A2 - Knob A3 - Knob A4 - I2C SDA A5 - I2C SCL A6 - Knob A7 - Knob D2 - Midi Out D3 - Midi In (Currently Unused) D4 - Button D5 - Button D6 - Button D7 - Button

Buttons are set to use Internal Pull-ups.


baxboard.ino - Arduino Sketch

designs/baxboard.svg - An SVG image suitable for laser cutting the panel, created in Inkscape, modification may be required depending on the equipment

designs/TrellisPad.svg - The SVG image I created for use in the baxboard panel design, posted separately for easy reuse

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