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Docker image to checkout a git repo, run a jekyll build, and the SCP the generated _site folder to somewhere else.

This lets you use a short lived free Heroku one-off dyno to build a Jekyll app that is hosted somewhere else.

Uses docker image jekyll/builder from

Environment Variables

Set these variables in a run command or elsewhere:

  • GIT_HOST - Hostname for git repo
  • GIT_REPO - Path to git repo
  • SCP_HOST - Hostname for SCP destination
  • SCP_DEST - SCP Copy Destination
  • KEY - Private key for Git over SSH and SCP


  • Create a new app heroku create jekyll-builder
  • Push the Docker Image heroku container:push builder --app jekyll-builder
  • Create the Environment variables above in the Heroku admin console
  • Run the builder heroku run -a jekyll-builder --type builder bash

Heroku Trigger Script

The script is an example Heroku API curl request to trigger the jekyll builder.

  • Set your app name in the APP_ID_OR_NAME variable
  • Get a Heroku API Token by running heroku auth:token
  • Set TOKEN= to the token
  • Run ./ to trigger a build.
  • Logs can be viewed from the Heroku Dev console log viewer. Make sure you have it up when running the build, the logs are not saved.


  • Docker Build docker build -t jekyll-builder-git .
  • Sample Docker Run Command
docker run \
  --rm \
  -it \
  -e "" \
  -e "" \
  -e "GIT_REPO=https://something" \
  -e "" \
-----END RSA PRIVATE KEY-----"  \