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A simple boilerplate that builds an Electron app with SBCL and SQLite3 embedded

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A very simple Electron boilerplate that sets up an app whose application logic is handled by a Lisp child process, whose UI is handled by Electron, and whose persistence solution is SQLite. Uses sbcl with quicklisp and Hunchentoot to build the Lisp helper process, and electron-packager to build delivered app.

Assumes that a suitable version of SQLite3 is installed and findable by CFFI.

Tested on macOS Big Sur with SBCL 2.0.11 and SQlite3 3.32.3.

Building and Running the App

  1. Ensure that these dependencies are properly installed:

  2. Using git, clone this repository.

  3. cd into the cloned repository and run sh ./

  4. Run the built app: open electron-sbcl-sqlite-darwin-x64/

Extending and Adapting It

The simple project’s purpose is to set up a bare minimum framework showing how you can build an Electron app on Lisp and SQLite. It doesn’t do much more than that. The launched app fetches SBCL’s *FEATURES* list and uses the SQLite interface to get SQLite3’s version string and its list of compile_options. To do more than that, you’ll have to explore the tools and APIs yourself.

A good starting place might be to look at the easy-handler definition for "/" in the file "electron-sbcl-sqlite/lisp/src/electron-sbcl-sqlite.lisp". Its LET* bindings use the SQLITE library’s APIs to execute a simple SQL statement and a pragma to get the SQLite data that is displayed in the window.


A simple boilerplate that builds an Electron app with SBCL and SQLite3 embedded






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