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In-game Console


Quake-style console plugin for Unity3d. Toggle the console by pressing tilde (~). Press tab to autocomplete commands.




  1. Copy the Console directory to your Assets/Plugins folder. (Make the plugins folder if it doesn't exist.)
  2. Drag the console prefab into your scene.
  3. Run your scene and press ~ to launch the console.
  4. Now register some custom commands

Registering custom commands

using UnityEngine;
using System.Collections;

public class ConsoleCommandRouter : MonoBehaviour {
    void Start() {
        var repo = ConsoleCommandsRepository.Instance;
        repo.RegisterCommand("hi", Hi);
        repo.RegisterCommand("save", Save);
        repo.RegisterCommand("load", Load);

    public string Hi(params string[] args) {
        return "Hey there yourself!";

    public string Save(params string[] args) {
        var filename = args[0];

        // [insert code here saving the game to that filename]

        return "Saved to " + filename;

    public string Load(params string[] args) {
        var filename = args[0];

        // [insert code here loading the game from that filename]

        return "Loaded " + filename;

The string returned from the console command will be displayed to the in-game console log. Insert newlines in your response to have multiple lines be written to the log.


var logger = ConsoleLog.Instance;
logger.Log("Player died")

Logs to the in-game console.

Note from the author

Feel free to contribute your changes back! I love pull requests.



@mikelovesrobots on Twitter