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#ifndef LIST_H
#define LIST_H
#include <stdbool.h>
struct list {
void **data;
unsigned capacity, next;
typedef struct list List;
typedef int (*qsort_compare_function)(const void *a, const void *b);
typedef int (*list_compare_function)(const void **a, const void **b);
typedef void * (*map_func)(void *elem, void *context);
typedef bool (*equal_func)(void *item1, void *item2);
typedef void (*free_func)(void *elem);
typedef void (*walker_func)(void *elem);
typedef void (*walker_context_func)(void *elem, void *context);
typedef int (*printer_func)(void *elem, void *pvoptions);
typedef int (*width_func)(void *elem, void *pvoptions);
List *newlist(void);
void freelist(List *list, free_func freeelem);
void append(void *element, List *list);
unsigned length(List *list);
void *getitem(List *list, unsigned index);
void *finditem(List *list, void *item, equal_func isequal);
List *map(List *list, map_func func, void *context);
void setitem(List *list, unsigned index, void *element);
void sortlist(List *list, list_compare_function compare);
void reverselist(List *list);
void walklist(List *list, walker_func func);
void walklistcontext(List *list, walker_context_func func, void *context);
/* vim: set ts=4 sw=4 tw=0 et:*/
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