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DynDNS client written in Clojure

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dynclj is a small script to update hosts. Written in Clojure, it was meant as Clojure learning experience for me.

Quick Start

  1. install leiningen
  2. in your dynclj checkout, run lein deps followed by lein compile
  3. create the config file ~/.dynclj/dynclj.conf with three lines:

    username= # dyndns username password= # password matching above username hosts=, # comma-separated list of hosts to update

  4. run

How it Works

  1. check config file, determine hosts to update
  2. obtain the current IP address from
  3. check cache file (~/.dynclj/dynclj.cache) to determine when each host was last updated, if at all
  4. update hosts if required

Command-line Arguments

Run ./ --help to see the available command-line arguments. From the help text:

--config-file, -c use specified configuration file --ip force update to use this IP --force force the update --verbose, -v verbose output

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