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9 lines (8 sloc) 1.12 KB,25 Even More – Sick Linux Commands | UrFix's Blog,88f5b0af3f83fffa8140e702538dc63c,"Top Ten One-Liners from CommandLineFu Explained - good coders code, great reuse",a78d192c1871cd28758906059598f381,[No Title],2cf0c0805a066341d52e3007a3bc11cd,How to Debug Bash Scripts | Ayman Hourieh,b8537277a6cddb7588475c9e09d7aa94,[No Title],0f7bb0b2373731e8998e6e65e7e846a4,Unix / Linux Bourne / Bash Shell Scripting Tutorial [ ],0c31fad1f4e531c5db718ea828fe1734, 10 Linux commands you’ve never used,65dd9dd162b1edc57462eebe5c171cf2,BashGuide - Greg's Wiki,eecdf6c926629df85cfa04149a05ba1a
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