Python client for pifilter adult image detection service ( Useful for helping automate moderation on public forums.
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This is a Python client for PIFilter, a paid, web based image recognition service.

It provides a simple True/False response to whether an image is adult related. It is useful in:

  • User generated content sites
  • Content-filtering proxy scanners

Filtering images

Then run:

from pyfilter import checkimage


The response will be a simple True or False.

By default pyfilter runs in 'aggressive' mode, where 'maybe' responses are counted as True. You may prefer to run:


which will count 'maybe' responses as False.

General thoughts on PIFilter

In my own experience as a customer PIFilter's service is like health product that works best with diet and exercise. It is useful as a basis to put specific posts ahead in a moderation queue, where the suspect posts are checked by a human. But it's not sufficient on its own to replace human moderations completely.

With my own user generated content tests, accuracy was generally good with a tendency towards False positives rather than False negatives.

Of course, your milage may vary as you'll be working with a different set of input, so best to see for yourself.

We love forks, changes and pull requests!

  • For this project on github
  • Send a pull request via github and we'll add your changes!


Licensed under the MIT license Short version: this code is copyrighted to me (Mike MacCana), I give you permission to do what you want with it except remove my name from the credits. See the LICENSE file for specific terms.