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#!/usr/bin/env python2.6
This file makes an docx (Office 2007) file from scratch, showing off most of python-docx's features.
If you need to make documents from scratch, use this file as a basis for your work.
Part of Python's docx module -
See LICENSE for licensing information.
from docx import *
if __name__ == '__main__':
# Default set of relationshipships - these are the minimum components of a document
relationships = relationshiplist()
# Make a new document tree - this is the main part of a Word document
document = newdocument()
# This xpath location is where most interesting content lives
docbody = document.xpath('/w:document/w:body', namespaces=nsprefixes)[0]
# Append two headings and a paragraph
docbody.append(heading('''Welcome to Python's docx module''',1) )
docbody.append(heading('Make and edit docx in 200 lines of pure Python',2))
docbody.append(paragraph('The module was created when I was looking for a Python support for MS Word .doc files on PyPI and Stackoverflow. Unfortunately, the only solutions I could find used:'))
# Add a numbered list
for point in ['''COM automation''','''.net or Java''','''Automating OpenOffice or MS Office''']:
docbody.append(paragraph('''For those of us who prefer something simpler, I made docx.'''))
docbody.append(heading('Making documents',2))
docbody.append(paragraph('''The docx module has the following features:'''))
# Add some bullets
for point in ['Paragraphs','Bullets','Numbered lists','Multiple levels of headings','Tables','Document Properties']:
docbody.append(paragraph('Tables are just lists of lists, like this:'))
# Append a table
docbody.append(heading('Editing documents',2))
docbody.append(paragraph('Thanks to the awesomeness of the lxml module, we can:'))
for point in ['Search and replace','Extract plain text of document','Add and delete items anywhere within the document']:
# Add an image
relationships,picpara = picture(relationships,'image1.png','This is a test description')
# Search and replace
print 'Searching for something in a paragraph ...',
if search(docbody, 'the awesomeness'): print 'found it!'
else: print 'nope.'
print 'Searching for something in a heading ...',
if search(docbody, '200 lines'): print 'found it!'
else: print 'nope.'
print 'Replacing ...',
docbody = replace(docbody,'the awesomeness','the goshdarned awesomeness')
print 'done.'
# Add a pagebreak
docbody.append(pagebreak(type='page', orient='portrait'))
docbody.append(heading('Ideas? Questions? Want to contribute?',2))
docbody.append(paragraph('''Email <>'''))
# Create our properties, contenttypes, and other support files
coreprops = coreproperties(title='Python docx demo',subject='A practical example of making docx from Python',creator='Mike MacCana',keywords=['python','Office Open XML','Word'])
appprops = appproperties()
contenttypes = contenttypes()
websettings = websettings()
wordrelationships = wordrelationships(relationships)
# Save our document
savedocx(document,coreprops,appprops,contenttypes,websettings,wordrelationships,'Welcome to the Python docx module.docx')
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