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Enables human computer interaction, especially using gestures inputed via the mouse

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Author: Mike Bennett (wayv at stressbunny dot com)
Last Update: 14/08/2003

wayV is...
1. Experiment with human computer interaction, especially
   gesture based computing.

2. Initially some software that does hand writing/gesture 
   recognition. Shapes represent actions and are inputed via 
   the mouse, i.e. draw a B and the "b" key press is sent to 
   your Xterm, draw a C and xcalc starts, draw an N and 
   Netscape starts, etc.

How to use
See INSTALL for information on how to compile wayV.

When wayV is running hold down the activation buttons. Draw 
shapes (make gestures by moving the mouse), and when you're
finished making a gesture release the activation button.

wayV then tries to match a gesture with an action, e.g. 
hold down mouse button 1, wait till a white border appears 
around your screen, draw a C with the mouse, release mouse 
button 1 and Xcalc should start if its on your computer and 
in your path.

Various notes
Read "doc/HOWTO-wayv-config" to understand how to configure
wayV, and have a look at "doc/trained-gestures.jpg" to see 
what default gestures wayV is setup for.

When you're using wayV with user feedback on (this is the
default) you MUST wait till a white border appears around
your screen BEFORE attempting to drawn a gesture. The
appearance of the white border tells you wayV is ready for 
gesture capture and processing. 

For those who are interested wayV uses a form of template 
matching for its gesture recognition.

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