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Analysis for McLaren, Willis, and Callahan (2019)
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Data and analysis for McLaren, Willis, and Callahan (2019)

McLaren MR, Willis AD, Callahan BJ. 2019. Consistent and correctable bias in metagenomic sequencing experiments. eLife 8:46923. DOI:

This repository

This repository contains the code and data for reproducing the analysis in our manuscript. It is structured as an R package, as explained here. To reproduce our analysis, first install the manuscript version of the metacal R package

# install.packages("devtools")

Then, download this package from GitHub or by running

git clone

You can then knit or run the R-markdown documents in analysis/, which are described below. These documents include code to load this package with devtools::load_all(), so you do not need to install this package itself. Various other R packages are needed to run the code in the analysis/ documents; these are listed in the "Imports" field of the DESCRIPTION file and can be installed all at once with



The scripts we used to download and/or generate the necessary sample metadata, 16S and metagenomic taxonomic profiles, and taxon information for our analyses are in data-raw/. This folder also contains scripts that clean the data and save it as .rda (R data) objects that can be loaded with the data() function once the R package is loaded; these objects serve as the starting point for subsequent analyses. An explanation of how to use these scripts is given in the directory's Readme file.


Analyses are contained in R-markdown documents in analysis/. Versions already rendered to html can be seen at

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