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🌃 A readable HTML5 and CSS3 Wordpress theme.
PHP Shell


NightSkyLine is a clean, readable theme for WordPress with mobile support.


  • Attractive design
  • Readable text and layout
  • Use advanced web standards where sensible (e.g. HTML5/CSS3)
  • Minimal adaptions to look good on mobile devices
  • Produce good printed output
  • 404 manatee
  • Only try and support newer browsers (e.g. not Microsoft Internet Explorer 7 and lower)


Download from the themes directory and install using the instructions from the WordPress codex.

If you instead decide to download straight from GitHub be sure to run to generate the CSS style.css output from the SASS style.scss file.


Mike McQuaid


The header image looks best if it is mirrored (as it repeats) and is black along the bottom edge (as it fades to the menu from black).


NightSkyLine is licensed under the MIT License. The full license text is available in LICENSE.txt.


NightSkyLine Preview

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