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-Copyright (C) 2011 by Mike McQuaid
+Copyright (C) 2012 by Mike McQuaid
Permission is hereby granted, free of charge, to any person obtaining a copy
of this software and associated documentation files (the "Software"), to deal
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+NightSkyLine is a readable HTML5 and CSS3 theme for Wordpress.
+It has the following features/goals:
+- Attractive design
+- Readable text and layout
+- Use advanced web standards where sensible (e.g. HTML5/CSS3)
+- Minimal adaptions to look good on mobile devices
+- Produce good printed output
+Known issues:
+- IE6 does not set the margin width correctly so occupies the full page.
+NightSkyLine is licensed under the [MIT License](
+The full license text is available in [LICENSE.txt](
+[My homepage]( is always running the latest version and the default header image (usually) is a photo of the skyline of wherever I'm living at the time.
+![NightSkyLine Preview](
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-This is the theme I use for
-I've tried to keep it fairly generic but until I write some Wordpress
-plugins then there's a few bits that are specific to my site. They
-should be easy to modify though.
-This has been adapted from the default Wordpress theme by
-Michael Heileman.
-The skyline reflects wherever I'm living at the time.
-This theme makes no attempt to look nice on IE6. Anyone who still uses
-it clearly hates the web anyway so I don't care about my site looking
-nice to them.
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Theme Name: NightSkyLine
Theme URI:
-Description: A night skyline theme using HTML5 and CSS3.
-Version: 2.0
+Description: A readable HTML5 and CSS3 theme.
+Version: 3.0
Author: Mike McQuaid
Author URI:
Copyright: Mike McQuaid
License: MIT License
License URI:
-This theme esn't even try to work properly in IE6.
html, body {

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