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path = ~/.gitconfig-user
# Colour terminal command output when possible.
ui = auto
# Open GitHub Gist in browser after submission.
browse = true
# Push to the set upstream branch being tracked by default.
default = simple
# Always prune when fetching (and pulling).
prune = 1
# Store and re-use manual conflict resolution changes.
enabled = 1
# Exclude everything this file. Used for general exclusions.
excludesfile = ~/.gitignore
# Set attributes on files. Used for general diff improvements.
attributesfile = ~/.gitattributes
# Autocorrect mistyped commands.
autocorrect = 1
## 'New' Commands
# Unstage the changes in a given file.
unstage = reset HEAD --
# View the current changes in the staging area.
staged = diff --cached
# Print the name of the current branch.
current-branch = symbolic-ref --short HEAD
# Print the name of the current upstream tracking branch.
upstream = !git config --get branch.$(git current-branch).remote \
|| echo origin
# Cherry-pick a commit with your signature.
sign = cherry-pick --signoff
# List all current SVN externals for this repository.
svn-externals = !git svn show-externals | grep -x \\"[^#].*\\"
# Create a git:// server of the current repository.
# WARNING: this gives all users read/write access
# without authentication (so only use on trusted networks).
serve = !git daemon --reuseaddr --export-all --base-path=. \
--verbose ./.git
# Merge a branch and commit a merge commit (even if one
# isn't needed)
noff = merge --no-ff
# Merge a branch with a merge commit and resolve any conflicts
# always using that branch's version rather than the current branch.
theirs = !git noff -Xtheirs
# Fetch all branches and rebase the current branch against
# upstream/master.
rebase-against-master = !git fetch --all \
&& git rebase $(git upstream)/master
# Push the current branch upstream to origin using the same branch
# name for the remote branch.
upstream-current-branch = !git push --set-upstream origin \
$(git current-branch)
# Create a pull request on GitHub using the `hub` command.
pull-request = !git upstream-current-branch && hub pull-request -o
# Upstream the current branch to origin and create a pull request
# on GitHub.
upstream-and-pull-request = !git upstream-current-branch \
&& git pull-request
# Get the current diff but show differences between characters
# instead of just the differences between lines.
word-diff = diff --word-diff
# Push the current branch and set it as the default upstream branch.
push-and-set-upstream = push --set-upstream
# Create a new branch by checking out another branch.
checkout-as-new-branch = checkout -b
# Rebase against origin/master and prompt for what operations
# should be performed.
interactively-rebase-against-origin-master = \
!git rebase --interactive origin/master
# Show the commit log with a prettier, clearer history.
pretty-one-line-log = log --graph --oneline --decorate
# Commit any changes to files, squash them into the last commit
# and update its date.
fix-up-previous-commit = !git commit --all --amend \
--reuse-message=HEAD --date=\"$(date)\" #"
# Checkout the master branch and update it.
pull-master = !git checkout master && git pull
# Commit a work-in-progress commit (to use with
# fix-up-previous-commit)
work-in-progress = commit -a -m 'WIP'
# Merge a branch with a merge commit and use the more time-consuming
# patience diff algorithm
patience = !git noff -Xpatience
# Hard reset branch to the upstream version.
hard-reset = !git reset --hard $(git upstream)/$(git current-branch)
# Assume the specified file is unchanged to stop changes
# being seen by Git
assume = update-index --assume-unchanged
# No longer assume a specified file remains unchanged
unassume = update-index --no-assume-unchanged
# List all files that are assumed to be unchanged
assumed = !git ls-files -v | grep '^[hsmrck?]' | cut -c 3-
# Delete all non-master branches
delete-merged = !git branch --merged | grep -v 'master' | grep -v '*' | xargs -n 1 git branch -D
# Diff against the current branch's merge-base
diff-merge-base = !git diff $(git merge-base origin/master HEAD)
# Commit all modified files in commits with one modified file per commit
commit-each = !git ls-files --modified | xargs -I% git commit % -m%
## Shortened 'New' Commands
fahr = !git fetch --all && git hard-reset
rem = !git rebase-against-master
wip = !git work-in-progress
pr = !git upstream-and-pull-request
up = !git upstream-current-branch
fa = !git fetch --all
pf = !git push --force-with-lease
dm = !git diff-merge-base
w = !git word-diff
u = !git push-and-set-upstream
b = !git checkout-as-new-branch
i = !git interactively-rebase-against-origin-master
# `true` needed as the return status is wrong otherwise.
l = !git pretty-one-line-log || true
f = !git fix-up-previous-commit
## Shortened Existing Commands
p = pull
s = status --short --branch
# Use the Ruby WEBRick library when creating a `git instaweb`
# HTTP server.
httpd = webrick
# Use the OS X graphical three-way merge tool for graphical diffs.
tool = opendiff
# Use the slower but better patience diff algorithm
algorithm = patience
# Use new diff algorithm to make e.g. function diffs look better.
compactionheuristic = true
[diff "xml"]
textconv = xmllint --format --recover
[difftool "opendiff"]
# Set the OS X opendiff command name.
path = opendiff
# Use the OS X graphical three-way merge tool for graphical merges.
tool = opendiff
# Don't prompt before opening the merge tool.
prompt = false
# Don't keep backups of the merge tool inputs.
keepBackup = false
# Don't keep the merge tool temporary input/output files.
keepTemporaries = false
[mergetool "opendiff"]
# Use a script to setup opendiff correctly for Git merges.
path = git-mergetool-opendiff
# Cleanup whitespace by default when apply patches.
whitespace = fix
# Run `git stash` if needed before a `git rebase`
autoStash = true
# Auto-add `--autosquash` to `git rebase`
autoSquash = true
[url ""]
# Always use GitHub SSH protocol to push.
# Allows use of git:// for public repositories with push access
pushInsteadOf = git://
[url ""]
# Use HTTP for GitHub instead of git:// or git@
# Enable this in networks where git:// or git@ are blocked.
#insteadOf = git://
#insteadOf =
[url ""]
# Use SSH for GitHub instead of https://
# Enable this in networks where https:// has issues.
#insteadOf =
[url ""]
# Always use Gitorious SSH protocol to push.
# Allows use of git:// for public repositories with push access
# (which is often faster).
pushInsteadOf = git://
# Use OS X Keychain to store HTTP passwords.
helper = osxkeychain
protocol = https
# Settings for Git LFS
[filter "lfs"]
clean = git-lfs clean %f
smudge = git-lfs smudge %f
required = true
# Show the diff as a comment in the commit message template.
verbose = true